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financial aid to potato farmers to help them to deal with the rising price of fertilizers and low potato prices.The Mexican government plans to gi▓ve small cash subsidies to 26 milli▓on poor Mexicans to compensate for rising foo▓d prices.Brazil is one of the world's largest exporter of bio-fuels. Many countries blame B▓razil's sugar-cane based ethanol program for rising food prices. Brazil's government has defen▓ded the program saying ethanol production only uses about 5 percent of the country's

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total cultivated area. And t▓he country's economists say blame should be placed on ▓high oil prices. NEW YORK - American children aren't the only couch potatoes with nearly▓ one third of children globally spending three h▓ours a day or more watching

TV or on computers, according to study of over 70,000 teens in 34 nations. From Argentina to Zambia, Regina Guthold of the World Health Organization in Geneva and her colleagues found most chi▓ldren aren't getting enough exercise and it made▓ no di

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